Photography is about patience - waiting for the right light or looking for the best angle. For me, a person who's mind is in constant motion, photography slows things down. It forces me to stop and observe my surroundings, appreciate what I am seeing and focus on something I can't control but try to capture. You could say, photography is a form of a meditation for me. 
My life and career has been an evolution, and I look at my photography in the same way.  While I have been taking pictures most of my life, my style and skill continue to grow.  I love color and texture, and while I call Colorado home, the beach is my favorite subject to shoot. 
As I refine this craft, I have taken photography training workshops with Martha's Vineyard based artists Alison Shaw and Michael Blanchard.
I live in Denver, Colorado with my wife, Becky, and daughter, Caroline.
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Me and my family on Martha's Vineyard.

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